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Brand: Quality Direct Labs
Product Code: 4401154
Price: $36.00
Pack:100 tabs (10mg)

Stanozolol is a classic “cutting” steroid in that it produces clean, solid gains without water retention. This is due to its molecular structure it cannot covert to estrogen. In fact is actually has ANTI estrogen effects due to being derived from Dihydrotestosterone, therefore it has the ability to block SHBG. It also has an anti progestrogenic effect and for that reason Stanozolol is advised to be used in conjunction with Deca Durabolin to counteract the progesterone it produces. Stanozolol’s most attractive asset is the “quality” of muscle it produces – hard, thick, dense and tight. Since it lowers estrogen it also lowers fat. One would think this would make Stanozolol extremely desirable but old notions die hard. Most bodybuilders like to see the numbers of the scale go up and since Stanozolol does not produce huge gains, due mostly to a lack of water retention. This all adds up to Stanozolol being dismissed as a mass drug. Nevertheless, Stanozolol stacks swell with Testosterone and other steroids and can even take the place of Proviron as a “hardener.” The down side of Stanozolol, as with all 17 alpha alkylated drugs is the stress it puts on the liver. It obliterates “good” cholesterol and spikes the bad LDL and even has a slight dehydrating effect leading some people to complain about stiff joints with its use. All of this occurs, not with continued use, but within just a few days. Stanozolol is very popular among competitive bodybuilders when in the cutting phase. Not for the hardening effect but for the fact that it also increases vascularity. Stanozolol is perhaps the harshest of all steroids on the hairline, no doubt to the effect of the DHT. Normal dosing is 16-30 mg in pills per day. For men the standard quantity of this medicine is 15-25mg per day for the pills.