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NovoRapid FlexPen

NovoRapid FlexPen
Brand: Insulins & Biguanides
Product Code: NovoRapid FlexPen
Price: $27.00
Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk, Denmark
Pharmaceutical name: Insulin Human Injection (rDNA origin)
Pack: 1 pen/ 3ml cartridge (100iu/ml)

Novorapid (Novolog in the United States) are the brand names for Novo Nordisk's fast-acting type of human insulin aspart.

When Novorapid is injected, it is extremely fast-acting, and works rapidly to normalize blood sugar levels. It typically begins working after 10-20 minutes, and will last for between 3 and 5 hours. It may be injected before a meal, and sometimes immediately after, to ensure strict control of post-prandial levels.

Novo Nordisk has designed some unique insulin pens that allow for easy injection. These are called NovoRapid FlexPen.